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GAMA comes to South Africa!

A major international astrophysics consortium, GAMA, gathered in Cape Town during mid-­September (2014) to discuss and explore how galaxies evolve over time. GAMA stands for Galaxy and Mass Assembly, consisting of over 96 scientists at 38 institutions spread across four continents. GAMA_world

The consortium gathers on a yearly basis to bring the far-­flung researchers face-­to-­face, holding both seminar and nitty‐gritty workshop meetings. The great city of Cape Town hosted the 2014 event, sponsored by the University of Cape Town Astronomy Department (lead by GAMA team member, Dr. Michelle Cluver of UCT) and the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), with funding from the National Research Foundation through the Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) and Knowledge, Interchange and Collaboration Programme. GAMA: African Multiwavelength Synergies, attended by some 60 scientists, with a large local contingent of astronomers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, was held over a three day period at the SAAO, followed by a ‘busy week’ workshop at UCT. Showcasing the natural beauty of the Western Cape and the expanding expertise of the South Africa research community, the gathering was a huge success of forging new international partnerships as well as strengthening existing bonds.

Conference Programme:
For more information on GAMA:

Special colloquium by Dr Aaron Robotham - Talk slides available here.
Special Colloquium by Dr Jon Loveday - Talk slides available here.

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