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Dr Danielle Lucero takes up a postdoctoral fellowship associated with the SKA SARChI chair in Multi-wavelength Extragalactic Astronomy

Dr Lucero arrived in mid-July to work with Prof Claude Carignan. She completed, earlier this year, a PhD thesis entitled: “A High Resolution Study of the Cold Gas in Early-type Galaxies” with Dr Lisa Young at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, NM. One of the tasks she has accepted since her arrival is to become responsible for the PED small array telescope, built by the MeerKAT office, which is being transferred to UCT. In the near future, those dishes should be used by the students to learn about radio astronomy techniques. She also intends to lend a hand with the different commissioning tasks related to the new KAT-7 array, precursor of the MeerKAT array and hopefully, of the SKA.

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