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Astronomy Department congratulates the SA SKA project on the outcome of the SKA site bid.

The Astronomy Department congratulates with much delight the whole of the SA SKA project team - and Bernie Fanaroff, Justin Jonas, and Kim de Boer in particular - with the very positive outcome of the SKA site bid decision. An incredible feat and a clear acknowledgement of the success of the huge, gigantic steps the team has taken in just the last decade to bring the project so far in such a short time, and putting us on top of the world, if not the Universe.

We are proud to be associated with this project, and look forward to continue working with SA SKA office on this even more fantastic road ahead.

As Justin Jonas “It is a real turning point in Africa, where we are becoming a destination for science and engineering, and not just a place where there are resources and tourism opportunities. It really does signal a new era in Africa.”

The Minister's announcement can be seen at full announcement can be seen at

The announcement by the SKA Organisation at

University of Cape Town Press Release

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