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NOTE: This course will be offered from 2013 onwards and will replace AST2002S in the curriculum. The course will run over the entire year.

Course outline: Celestial mechanics; Radiation laws; blackbody radiation, Planck function and approximations; Magnitudes; The hydrogen atom; Stellar spectroscopy; Stellar evolution and remnants; Special relativity; The Earth-Moon system; The Solar system; Extrasolar planets; Stellar motions; The Milky Way and other galaxies; The extragalactic distance scale; Large scale structure; Newtonian cosmology.

Course co-ordinator: Dr Vanessa McBride, Room 533 in the RW James Building. Phone 650-2393 (o), or contact via email: vanessa[at]

Course lecturers: Dr Vanessa McBride.

Course tutors: To be advised.

Entrance requirements: PHY1004W and MAM100W (pre-requisites).

Lectures: Three lectures per week in the first semester and two lectures per week in the second semester. Room: TBD

Course textbook: To be advised.

Tutorials: Ten compulsory tutorial/practical sessions over the year, Wednesday, 14h00 - 17h00.

Practicals: One virtual observatory project, by arrangement; one essay and one presentation. One field trip to the South African Astronomical Observatory, Sutherland.

DP requirement: Satisfactory attendance at lectures and tutorials/practicals. Class record of at least 35%.

Assessment: Three class tests count 25%; 10 compulsory tutorials/practicals including a virtual observatory project, an essay and a presentation count 25%. One 2-hour final examination in November counts for 50%; subminimum requirement of 40% for final examination.

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