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General outline: Stellar atmospheres; Radiative and atomic processes; Boltzmann formula; Saha equation; scattering; theory of line formation; Doppler profile; Voigt profile; curve of growth; spectral analysis; physics of stellar interiors; stellar structure and evolution; hydrostatic equilibrium; thermal equilibrium; convective instability;theory of energy transport; energy generation; nuclear fusion; homologous stars; stellar birth, evolution and death; white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes; supernovae; stellar pulsation.

Course Convener/Lecturer: A/Prof Patrick Woudt, Room 5.39.1 in the RW James Building. Contact via email: pwoudt[at]

Entrance requirements: AST2002S, PHY2014F, PHY2015S

Lectures: Five lectures per week, Monday to Friday, 2nd period. Room: T.B.A.

Course Textbook Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (Carroll and Ostlie)

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Tutorials and Practicals: T.B.A.

DP requirement: Attendance at lectures and tutorials; class record of at least 35%.

Examination requirement: Practicals and tutorials count 25%; Class test counts 25%; One 2-hour theory paper written in June counts 50%. A sub-minimum requirement of 40% in final examination.

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