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General outline: Interstellar gas and dust; size shape and properties of dust grains; interstellar extinction and reddening; 21-cm radiation; molecular clouds; masers; radiative and collision processes in gaseous nebulae; galactic structure; differential galactic rotation; Oort equations; galaxy morphology; rotation curves; dark matter; spiral structure; large-scale distribution of galaxies; galaxy collisions; starbursts; active galaxies; radio galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, quasars; gravitational lenses; superluminal motion; cosmology; scale of the universe; expansion of the universe; the Big Bang; primordial nucleosynthesis; cosmic background radiation.

Course Convener/Lecturer: Prof. R.C. Kraan-Korteweg / Dr. Kurt van der Heyden, Room 5.39.1 in the RW James Building. Phone 650-5829 (o), or contact via email: kraan[at]

Entrance requirements: AST2002S, PHY2014F, PHY2015S

Lectures: Five lectures per week, Monday to Friday, 5th period. Room: T.B.A.

Course Textbook Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (Carroll and Ostlie)
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Tutorials and Practicals: Available on VULA

DP requirement: Satisfactory performance at lectures, excersises, other assignment and class tests

Examination requirement: Practicals and tutorials count 25%; Class test counts 25%; One 2-hour theory paper written in November counts 50%.

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