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Teaching Telescopes

The Astronomy department has taken ownership in 2011 of a radio interferometer (donated to the Astronomy department by the South African SKA Project) housed at the Cape Town site of the South African Astronomical Observatory and to be remotely operated from UCT. We also have upgraded our optical telescope (housed in the dome on top of the roof of the RW James building) to a modern and fully-equipped optical teaching facility including adaptive optics technology, a CCD photometer (in operation) and spectrograph (to be commissioned in 2013).

In 2013, practicals using the optical teaching telescope were integrated into our Astrophysics curriculum with the addition of a new course in Astronomical Techniques (AST2003H) at the second year undergraduate astrophysics major and an optical photometry practical in Stellar Astrophysics (AST3002F) at third year undergraduate level.

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